This  vertical type feed mixer and grinder set is a kind of simple feed mixer and grinder group. Last month, an African farmer ordered one set from us. He has a small scale poultry farm in his city. By communicating with him, we knew he has about 5000 meat chicks and 15000 egg chicks in the farm. And he wanted to find a machine to process corn and soybean for his chicks. So we recommended this machine set with him. It can produce 1 ton powder in an hour, which is enough for him to feed them into 20000 chick. And it is a kind of more economic machine set. He is very happy to buy it.This machine set consists of vertical type feed mixer and feed self-suction grinder. The most popular model is 1 t/h machine set.  

1 t vertical type feed mixer and grinder

ItemPowerSparesCapacityMachine size
Grinder11kwMesh and hammers1 t/h2.4×1.25×2.9m

It is suitable to crush various of grains like rice, wheat, barely, soybean, corn etc. Into powders and fully mix them as animal mash like poultry feed, chicken feed, cattle feed, sheep, goat feed etc..As usual, this machine set needs to be shipped by LCL. So it needs to be packed by wooden carton. If so, it can keep it to safely arrive in the destination.