Our 10t/h feed pellet production line has been installed in Saudi Arabia.The customers are very satisfied for our machines and service.

The detailed process of 10t/h poultry feed pellet production line:

Step 1. Raw materials receiving and cleaning process (drum sieving pre-cleaner, conical powder sieve and permanent magnetic drum).

Drum sieving pre-cleaner is used to clean and sort out the big impurity such as corn stalk, stones, rope head, branches, corn cobs and the small impurity such as mud, sand and blighted grain. When the raw materials are powder, conical powder sieve is used to clean the debris in the powder. (And the machine can also be used after the mixing process and before the pellet making process to make sure the pellet mill can be smooth operation).

Step 2. raw material dosing process

distributor, there are many dosing silos which according your raw material quantity to build, distributor will distributing raw materials to different dosing bins, waiting to be crushed, so for automatic dosing pellet line, it is very important to know how many raw material will be used to make the feed.

Step 3. Crushing process

hammer mills(feed grinder) We have many kinds of hammer mills for your choice: water drop hammer mill, multifunctional hammer mill and 9fq hammer mill etc. This process is mainly used to crush raw materials into powder.

Step 4. Mixing process

feed mixer The feed mixer we have are single shaft double screw mixer, double shaft paddle feed mixer, vertical mixer. The process is used to mix the crushed materials with higher uniformity.

Step 5. Pellet making process

feed pellet mill, We have five models of feed pellet mill for your choice. This process is to press the pellets out.

Step 6. Pellet cooling process

counter flow cooler The newly pressed pellets are very high in temperature. This process is to cool the pellets to ±3-5c of the room temperature.

Step 7. Pellet crumbling process

feed crumbler (roller crusher) This process is mainly to crush the big pellets into small ones. It is mainly used for chicken feed pellet line and pig feed pellet making.

Step 8. Sifting process

vibratory sizing sieve and plenary rotary sizing sieve This process is mainly to sort out the inappropriate pellets and powder and send the standard pellets to next process.

Step 9. Packing process

packaging machine This process is to pack the pellets into bags which is convenient for storage and transportation. Can packing 25kg or 50kg per bag. If no need packing, we can remove this process.

Below are our Saudi Arabia client 10T/H poultry feed pellet production line installation pictures:

poultry feed pellet production line

feed pellet production linefeed pellet production line