500kg/h feed pellet production line is a new project we specially designed for small scale farms and feed mills. It mainly consists of high-quality horizontal feed mixer with self-suction grinder, SKJ 300 feed pellet mill and simplified cooling equipment. Contrasting with other small feed processing equipment, compact structure, good performance, long service life and lower costing make it have a great superiority and enjoy a high appreciation of farmers.

feed pellet production line

At the end of May, 2017, customers, who are from Tanzania and Saudi Arabia, visited our workshop in Leling county, Dezhou city, China. They have several poultry and pig farms and are looking for a set of complete feed pellet production line equipment. During the visit, they expressed a strong cooperation intentions in the field of animal feeding stuff and spoke highly of small scale feed pellet production lines, especially 500kg per hour feed pellet production line. And hope to have a pleasant cooperation in the future.

This feed pellet production line includes several processes as follows:

       1.Raw materials grinding and mixing processes

Horizontal animal feed mixer is a nice mixer with high performance-price ratio and good property. Working with self-suction grinder, they compose a small grinding and mixing group. With 0.5 t/h capacity, this machine set is suitable for 0.5 t/h feed production line.

       2.Pelleting process

In this process, we match feed pellet mill. Its capacity can reach 0.5 ton per hour, which is based on Dia. 3mm pellets. This pellet machine belongs to flat die pellet machine. It has a small body and takes up less space. Comparing with ring die pellet machine, it is able to press powders into the finished pellets without steam system. On the other hand, it saves much costing for small farms and mills.

       3.Pellets cooling process

This cooling process is matched with simplified cooling equipment, which adopts cyclone cooling system including cyclone, pipeline, closed-air aspirator and fan. Comparing with contraflow cooler, it is simple, easy to operate and with lower costing.

feed pellet production line

feed pellet production line