Recently,500kg small scale poultry feed mill plant for Romania has finished production. This small type feed plant is specially used for making animal feed pellets for chicken ,pig, duck , sheep ,cattle etc . Feed pellets increase the feed use rate and reduces waste.

poultry feed mill plant
Features of the 500kg poultry feed mill plant:

  1. Simple structure,wide adaptability ,covers a small area,low noise.
  2. High efficient and low consumption.
  3. The spare part with wear-resistant alloy steel material after heat treatment , it have more long service life.
  4. The finished feed pellet is high density , smooth surface, easy to storage and transport, also can store long time.
  5. The feed pellet diameter can be adjusted between diameter 2mm and diameter 8 mm (change the die with different diameter), the length can be adjusted between 5-20mm, suitable for animal different growing period.
  6. The compression ratio of small pellet press determines the quality of your pellets. We have professional team doing the raw material test and have obtained best compression ratio for over 20 kinds of common seen biomass.
  7. The electric components adopt top brands in China to guarantee stable performance.
    Introduction of main machines in 500kg poultry feed mill plant.

1.Screw conveyor​

Screw conveyorModelΘ140
Power2.2-3 kw
Capacity1-8 t/h
RemarkIncluding hopper, manual gate and bracket;

Tilt conveyor, the bottom of the bearings can provide axial force;

2.Grinder and mixer

Grinder and mixerGrinderMixer
Power7.5 kwPower4 kw
Capacity600-900 kg/hCapacity250kg/p

3.Flat-die animal feed pellet machine

feed pellet machineModelSKJ 300
Power22 kw
Capacity500kg /h

Weight: 460kg

The feed mill plant raw materials can be corn,wheat,soya or other grains. The finished pellets are like followings:

feed pellets
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