Yesterday, the customer told us that the animal feeds milling machines has been installed and has started running in kenya. Customers are very satisfied with our equipment and after-sales service. The  animal feeds milling machines is suitable for farm or medium-sized feed processing plants.

animal feeds milling machines in kenya

1.Technical Parameter

The key part in the animal feeds milling machines is ring die feed pellet mill which is used to press the powder into pellets directly. It decides the capacity of the whole feed line.The following is the technical parameters of the feed pellet mill:

Capacity (t/h)2-4
Main Power(kw)37
Conditioner Power (kw)2.2
Feeder Power(kw)0.75
Inside Diameter(mm)320
Pellet size(mm)2-8
Machine Size(mm)2.15*0.78*1.74
Machine Weight(t)2.1
RemarkOptional pellet machine power22kw /55kw/110kw/132kw










2.Advantages of animal feeds milling machines

The feed mill machine covers little space and is highly-automatized. It can produce smooth and hard pellets which are suitable for all kinds of animals. The pellets are very nutritional and can satisfy the growth needs of animals.

3.Raw Materials
The raw materials can be all kinds of cereals such as corn, barley, wheat and soybean as well as coarse fiber such as the cotton stalk, corn fiber, grass and others.

The kinds of animal pellets

4.Finished Product
The finished pellets can be used to feed all kinds of animals such as cow, pig, chicken and so on.