Last Friday, another 5 sets silage round baler machine shipped to Pakistan. The silage baler machine machine is widely used to make silage feed for dairy farm. Customers are very satisfied with our machine and after-sale service. The Auto silage round baler machine have been very hot-sale in Pakistan, Kenya and India.


silage round baler machine


       The 9YQG-0.5 Full Automatic Corn Silage Round Baler Machine is our company latest designed baler machine. It adopt automatic control to match air compressor and pneumatic device. this baler and wrapper machine can achieve the functions of automatic silage material feeding, silage bundling, rope winding, pressing chamber opening & closing, film wrapping and final product unloading.


1.Advantage of automatic silage round baler machine

  1. It is automatic design. oneworker could operate it, and save labour cost.
  2. It is environmental design, it prevent pollution from burning straw in the field.
  3. The silage baler machine could stock silage for long time, collect grass or corn straw in harvest/rainy season to avoid silage shortage.

2.Main features of automatic silage round baler machine

  1. Silage baler machine can bale and wrap Straw and forage grass in one process.
  2. Silage baler machine could be operated only by 1 worker. It have advantage of easy operating, high baling density, compact structure, nice appearance, strong and durable performance, less vibration, low power consumption, simple maintenance, low labor cost, low transportation cost, high efficiency (30% higher than ordinary Silage Round Baling & Film Wrapping Machine).
  3. The silage baler machine is used to bundle corn straw, rice straw, grass, peanut vine. It is very suitable for small dairy farms and silage plant. The silage feed can keep 2-3 years in good condition!

3.Working Together With Maize Chopper Machine

       The silage maize chopper machine can crush all kinds of crops straw into 3 to 8 mm piece. Then small pieces bundled and wrapped by the round silage baler machine.

corn silage baler machine

         Our company also have different feed making machine for poultry, animal and fish. Any related demand, Welcome to Shandong Double Crane.