Poultry feed making machine is one of the most important part of 500kg/h feed production line.It is widely used in large, medium and small aquaculture, grain feed processing plant, animal farms, poultry farms etc.

poultry feed making machine
Advantages of poultry feed making machine

1.Flat die and main shaft are made from 40Cr which is wear-resistant.

2.The service life of roller and die can reach 500hr.

3.Easy to operate and maintain.

4.Safe to use (with Emergency Stop button).

5.No special requirements for working site.

The main features of poultry feed making machine

1.Simple structure, wide adaptability, cover an area of an area small, low noise.

2.Powder feed, grass meal doesn’t need to, or with a little liquid can be added for granulation, so basic to the moisture content of grain feed granulating before the moisture content of materials, more conducive to storage.

3.Dry processing, the production of feed particle high hardness, smooth surface, internal curing, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

4.Pellet forming process can make the resistance factor pancreatic enzyme denaturation of grains, beans, reduce the adverse effects on the digestive, can kill all kinds of parasites and other pathogenic microorganisms eggs, reduce all kinds of insect and diseases of the digestive system.

poultry feed making machine

The working principle of poultry feed making machine

1.It can process the oil cake and other mixed waste material to granule at one time. And it is columned granule feed and have slippery firm.

2. During the process of producing granule, the temperature can almost reach 70 to 80 centigrade. It can make flour into paste. The inner granule is cooked and fully penetrated, so that not easy to go moldy and degenerative. Then it can be stored for a long time and improve poultry dainty and assimilation function.