2020 is destined to be no ordinary year.No one winter insurmountable, without a spring will not come. Hand in hand with Double Crane to overcome difficulties.

Mr.Taobu in Nigeria has assets of about US$500 million, including a slaughterhouse and large-scale breeding farm with a daily production capacity of 70,000 poultry. In addition to technology, there is a stable market. Not only does it provide school chicken, it is also a supplier of KFC, and it has also cooperated with the federal government in poverty alleviation projects.

flow chart poultry pellet feed plant

The customer said that he used to import feed, but now he wants to produce his own feed. While self-sufficient, he also establishes his own feed brand. The customer’s budget is 40,000 US dollars. According to the customer’s need, we recommend the SZLH320 type poultry pellet feed plant, which is cost-effective.

According to customer reality request. This proposal can be reached to variety kinds of poultry and livestock feeds. It can both produce mash feed, pellet feed, crumb feed. Using advanced super feed machine with scientific reasonable horizontal layout, it will not need buyer make more construction for the workshop,it can meet nearly all the workshop to install this feed plant. The whole poultry pellet feed plant controlled by electric cabinet, including feed grinding, mixer, pelleting, cooling, sifting, with high automation, mechanization, flexibility is the advantage. Adopt latest design flow chart, latest technology and machine, reduce the investment, improve yield, consider environmental factors, variety design co- ordination etc.

After the quotation, the customer held a board meeting to study and compare the design prices of Double Crane and other suppliers, and finally chose our design plan. They felt that our design was the most cost-effective. Let us make a proforma invoice as soon as possible and plan to prepay 30% of the deposit, let us apply for PC and SC certificates while arranging production.

animal feeds milling machines in kenya

Due to the epidemic, the customer failed to visit our factory to inspect the goods. We visited our production workshop through the online method of video chat, They was very satisfied with the machine and our service. “Five stars Praise”

Two days later, we received all the balance from the customer and then arranged delivery.