HKJ250 Feed Pellet Mill

HKJ250 feed pellet mill can produce livestock and poultry feed.It is one of the most important part of 1t/h feed production line.It takes corn, barley, wheat, maize,cereal, grain, coarse fiber,grass as input and feed as output.It is an excellent machine for animal feed manualfactures


HKJ 250 Feed Pellet Mill

HKJ250 feed pellet mill is one of our ring die feed pellets .It is one of the key machines in the feed pellet production line.It is the good choice if you want to build a feed pellet plant.

1.Features and Advantage
1)Our feed mill adopt high-precision gear drive,advanced flexible coupling,for high productive efficiency;
2).Main driving adopt imported bearings and oil seal.
3).Frequency converter control feeder ,full stainless steel feeder,cover and chute;
4).Full stainless steel lengthened conditioner,both paddle and shaft are made of stainless steel;
5).Can be equipped with double-layer, three-layer folder conditioner or double shaft track conditioner, to meet the different needs of producing high grade livestock and poultry feed and aqua-feed.
6).Make 2mm-8mm pellets
7).The advantages of our ring die feed mill are reduced roller and die wear, and reduced energy consumption.


ring die of hkj250 feed pellet mill

Stainless Steel Ring Die

2.Technology Parameter: 

Main power(kw)223745/5590/110



Conditioner power(kw)
Feed power(kw)0.750.751.11.52.2
Inside Dia(mm)250320350420508
Pelet Size(mm)2-82-82-182-182-18


1).The ring die feed pellet mill is the most important equipment you’ll ever need in your business operation.
It can make feed pellets from the materials such as cereals(soybean,maize,corn,grain,sorghum,corn flour , wheat flour etc) and
coarse fiber( wheat bran, corn stalk, soybean meal,grass meal,rice husk, grass, groundnut shell, etc )
2).we have experience in various aspects of the pellet production process of biomass materials and feeder pellets.
3).We also have equipment such as hammer mills, mixer , pellet mills,coolers and semi-automated bagging solutions.
4).Use a ring die in order to form the pellets.
5).Inside the ring, there are rollers to push raw materials through the die as well as force them out of the holes.
raw materials of hkj250 feed pellet millfeed pellet produced by hkj250 feed pellet millfeed produced by hkj250 feed pellet mill 2

feed produced by hkj250 feed pellet mill 3

HKJ250 Feed Production Line

hkj250 feed production line 1

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