LH560 Wood Pellet Mill

The  biomass wood pellet mill is your best choice for processing such biomass materials as sawdust, crop straw, peanut shell and cotton stalk into pellets for pellet stove, pellet boiler, power plant, Pellets can improve their uses, save energy and protect the environment


LH560 Wood Pellet Mill

LH560 pellet mills are patented products with unique design by Shandong Double Crane Machinery Manufacturer Co., Ltd, the professional biomass wood pellet machines producer in China. Biomass pellet mill is one of the key machines in the biomass wood pellet line. Biomass pellet mill has the characteristics of low cost, reasonable structure, compact layout, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

biomass pellet mill

1.Features and advantages

1). Die static, the roller rotating, and material centrifugal, evenly around.
2). Vertical feed and directly in place. Good heat dissipation.
3). Double layer die, up and down dual use, cost efficiency, and also dual-uses, high energy saving.
4). Ring die, vertical structure, in favor of the thermal cooling of granulation chamber
5). Separate discharge device, ensure the forming rate of pellets.
6). 24 hours working with automatic lubrication.
7). low cost, high capacity, energy saving.
8). Upward mould, special structure, vertically feeding and easier heat dissipation.
9). Die static, roller rotating, material centrifugal and distributed around evenly.
10).The biomass wood pellet equipment price is reasonable.

2.Technical parameter

Technical ItemParameter
Main motor90kw
Feeder motor2.2kw
Discharge motor2.2kw
Rind die diameter560mm
Diameter of pelletφ6-φ8
RemarksOptional model LS450


3.Main Part of Wood Pellet Mill

peanut shell pellet machine

4.Product Application

Raw Materials Application:

The materials can be wood sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, wood logs, straw, hard wood, rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell, branch, trunk, bark and other wood waste; a variety of crop stalk; rubber; cement, ash and other chemical materials.

biomass pellet machine

Industrial Application:

Biomass fuel pellet usually used for civil heating and living energy, pellet stove, pellet boiler, power plant. bath center, biomass industrial boiler.

5.Wood Pellets Samples

Biomass pellet fuel types contains wood sawdust pellets, straw pellets, peanut shell granular pellets, cotton rod pellets, living garbage pellets, rice straw and corn straw pellets. The highest value of fuel burning is sawdust pellets, straw is second, living garbage is the worst.

example biomass pellets

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