1-1.5TPH Poultry Pellet Feed Plant HKJ-250

Model: HKJ-250 Model Poultry Pellet Feed Plant

Application: Produce Animal Mash Feed & Pellet Feed.

Capacity: Up to 1-1.5TPH

Total Power: 64KW

Main Section: Feed Crushing And Mixing Process, Feed Pellet Mill, Pellet Cooler, Pellet Sifter, Packing Process, Control System.

Occupy Area: About L:10m * W:6m * H:5.2m

It can adjust dimension based on client workshop situation.


HKJ-250 poultry pellet feed plant is our company popular sales animal pellet feed making plant, it can process all kinds of grain feed into mash feed and pellet feed, use to meet customer demand for feeding chicken, duck, pig, cattle, rabbit, sheep, etc feed pellet demand. The feed mill plant production capacity around 1-1.5 ton per hour. It can also produce powder feed for chicken or pig, output 1.5-2 ton per hour.

HKJ-250 Poultry Pellet Feed Plant Advantage:

  1. This poultry feed mill plant can both produce mash/powder feed,pellet feed,and crumb feed product.
  2. Feed pellet production line have compact structure,small occupy demand, low production noise and less dust,durable in use and easy to maintenance,most important, high yield with low invest.
  3. Ring die feed pellet machine can very good to keep all kinds of trace elements in raw materials, animal feed intake, conducive to digestion and absorption, by steam boiler and steam cooking, can improve feed pellet quality and grade.
  4. After feed pellet cooling, feed pellet appearance is neat, smooth surface, high density, easy store and transport.

HKJ-250 Poultry Feed Mill Plant  Work Video:

Poultry Pellet Feed Plant Composition:



Section IntroductionEquipment ListPowerOutputAd vantage
1Feed Collection,

Crushing And Mixing

Screw elevator 2pc,

Feed hammer 1pc,

Ribbon Mixer 1pc,

Cyclone 2pc.

26.4KWMash feed 1-2t/h,

Sieve φ3mm

Good grinding effect and high mixing uniformity
2Feed PelletingScrew elevator 1pc,

Buffer hopper 1pc,

Feed Pellet Mill 1pc,

Cyclone system 1set.

33.45KWPellet feed 1-1.5t/h,

Ring φ3mm

Low energy consumption of granulator and high granularity
3Pellet Feed Cooling And Sifting And PackingPellet Cooler 1pc,

Vibration Sifter 1pc,

Cyclone system 1set.

5.43KWCool feed 1-1.5t/hGood cooling effect and low powder content of finished products
4Control system,etcElectric Control System2pc,

Installation parts

Equipment runs smoothly and operates safely.
Total Consumption Power:64KW,Occupy Area: About L:10m * W:6m * H:5.2m

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