Poultry feed mixer grinder is the best selling in Africa Market 2018. A few days ago, Mr. Sarmiento from Kenya was very satisfied with the equipment after investigation and finally decided to purchase it. After tested and packaged, we sent the cargo to Qingdao port to catch the shipping date on 5th, April. The bill of lading has been sent to Sarmento by DHL now. All is well now !

Machine picture show:

Poultry feed mixer grinder

Bill of lading show:

Bill of lading

The poultry feed mixer grinder powder feed for chicken,pig, goat,fish, and rabbit for small farm. It can finish the job of feeding, crushing,dust collection and mixing automatically, which is suitable for feed factories of all size.

1.The advantages of small poultry feed mixer grinder

1.Simple and compact structure, one-time investment, economic and practical, convenient maintenance, low energy consumption, high productivity, good mixing uniformity, it does not need special production sites.

2.Can produce premix, mixing, concentrates, full powder feed, etc.It is a kind of ideal powder feed processing equipment for small poultry farmers.

2.Main model of small poultry feed grinder and mixer

Equipment ModelSH-500SH-1000
Equipment Size/WeightGrinder 1*0.8*1.6m,Mixer 1*1*2.4m

Package weight about 500kg

Grinder 1*0.8*1.8m,Mixer 1.25*1.25*2.9m

Package weight about 500kg

Motor Power(kw)Self-priming grinder 7.5kw,

Vertical feed mixing machine 2.2kw.

Self-priming grinder 11kw,

Vertical feed mixer 3kw.

Production Capacity(t/h)1-2t/h2-3t/h
Wearing partsEach time only use 16pc hammer and 1pc screen,

use life about 1-2month

Screen sizeScreen size can be 1.5mm for pig feed production,

2,4,6,8,10,12mm for chicken feed production;

The high size screen will have high yield.

ApplicationCrush grain powder feed for animal feed,such as corn,soybean,etc.Suitable for chicken and pig feed.


poultry feed mill plant
Small poultry feed mixer grinder used in the poultry feed mill plant.

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