What should we do before we purchasing the feed pellet machine?

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Feed pellet machine is your best choice for processing kinds of cereals as corn, wheat, soybean and coarse fiber materials as grass, crop stalk, peanut shell and grass etc as well as some additives as molasses, vegetable oil and vitamins etc into all kinds of feed pellets for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals. What should [...]

Features of 1-10t/h animal feed pellet machine

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Animal feed pellet machine Features: 1). Driven by variable frequency motor, the feeder can be adjusted automatically within a certain scope according to the production; 2). The interlock device, outer machine discharging device and over-load protection device work together to ensure the safety and reliability;   3).Magnetic separation and removal mechanisms are configured to prevent [...]

International 2017 Poultry&Livestock machinery Exhibition in Nigerian

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Shandong Double Crane Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd attended Poultry&Livestock machinery Exhibition in Nigerian during March 23th to 25th, 2017. During the exhibition, The manager of our company discuss the cooperation with some feed machinery manufacturer. Our feed machine products and solutions win high reputation from counterparts all over the world.Our machines in the exhibition were sold [...]

The 5T/H Sheep Feed Pellet Production Line Was Delivered To The Greece

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Recently, the 5t/h sheep feed pellet line was delivered to the greece. This 5t/h sheep feed pellet production line can produce 5t sheep feed per hour. This sheep feed pellet line was ordered after the customer visiting our company. The customers are very satisfied for our machines and service.


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