What is the reason for the feed pellet mill to cause loose pellets?

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The poultry feed pellet mill is one of the key machines in feed production line.It takes corn, barley, wheat, maize,cereal, grain, coarse fiber as asraw material.The pellets have the advantages of balanced nutrition, easy digestion and easy storage. Sometimes, loose or not forming phenomenon would appear when using feed pellet mill, then what is the [...]

What should we do before we purchasing the feed pellet machine?

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Feed pellet machine is your best choice for processing kinds of cereals as corn, wheat, soybean and coarse fiber materials as grass, crop stalk, peanut shell and grass etc as well as some additives as molasses, vegetable oil and vitamins etc into all kinds of feed pellets for livestock, poultry and aquatic animals. What should [...]

The 5T/H Sheep Feed Pellet Production Line Was Delivered To The Greece

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Recently, the 5t/h sheep feed pellet line was delivered to the greece. This 5t/h sheep feed pellet production line can produce 5t sheep feed per hour. This sheep feed pellet line was ordered after the customer visiting our company. The customers are very satisfied for our machines and service.


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