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Zimbabwe customer orders 1 ton chicken feed pellet production line

By |November 27th, 2020|

A snowing day of the end January in 2020, two customers from Zimbabwe came to our factory to see the feed pellet production line which they planed to purchase. After previous four months’ communication about the machinery description, quotation and so on, customer were very interested in our feed processing equipment. Arrived at a day […]

HKJ250 Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line for Mozambique

By |November 20th, 2019|

In September, We got the message from Tom, a Mozambique clients. He was interested in our pellet feed making machine for chicken feed. And he want to have a visit to our company.

When the clients come to China, we driven him to company to visit the machine that were being assembled and processed. And show […]

Tanzania customer purchased a 500kg/h feed pellet production line.

By |June 16th, 2017|

500kg/h feed pellet production line is a new project we specially designed for small scale farms and feed mills. It mainly consists of high-quality horizontal feed mixer with self-suction grinder, SKJ 300 feed pellet mill and simplified cooling equipment. Contrasting with other small feed processing equipment, compact structure, good performance, long service life and lower costing […]

The 10T/H Feed Pellet Production Line in Saudi Arabia

By |June 10th, 2017|

Our 10t/h feed pellet production line has been installed in Saudi Arabia.The customers are very satisfied for our machines and service.

The detailed process of 10t/h poultry feed pellet production line:

Step 1. Raw materials receiving and cleaning process (drum sieving pre-cleaner, conical powder sieve and permanent magnetic drum).

Drum sieving pre-cleaner is used to clean and sort out the big […]

The 2-4T/H Animal Feed Pellet Line Was Delivered To The Uzbekistan

By |February 20th, 2017|

Recently,we delivered the 2-4t/h animal feed pellet line to the Uzbekistan;
This automatic batching production line can produce 2-4t animal feed per hour.
The feed pellet line covers little space and is fully-automatized.
It can produce smooth and hard pellets which are suitable for all kinds
of animals. The pellets are very nutritional and can satisfy the growth needs […]


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