2-4tph poultry pellet feed plant for Nigeria

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2020 is destined to be no ordinary year.No one winter insurmountable, without a spring will not come. Hand in hand with Double Crane to overcome difficulties. Mr.Taobu in Nigeria has assets of about US$500 million, including a slaughterhouse and large-scale breeding farm with a daily production capacity of 70,000 poultry. In addition to technology, there [...]

1tph chicken feed manufacturing plant for Indonesia

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HKJ250 chicken feed manufacturing plant with output 0.8-1.5tph. For this poultry pellet feed plant, we provide different design with different price. A sudden outbreak affected people's normal life and also seriously affected the import and export trade at the beginning of 2020. Murad Saadi is one of my customers from Indonesia. He contacted with me [...]

2-20 tons per hour complete feed mill plant

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If you want to build a complete feed mill plant, "Double Crane feed machinery" is your best choice. We use machinery of our own production or any other brand by customer preference We deliver plants of different price range and outstanding quality. The finished pellets can be used to feed all kinds of animals such [...]

Combined Feed Plant For Poultry And Floating Fish In Bangladesh

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The combined feed pellet plant for poultry and floating fish were installed successfully in Bangladesh last month. This collateral line with the 3t capacity for poultry and 1.5t capacity for floating fish. Raw materials are the common grains such as corn, soybean, wheat, barely and so on. It got a high reputation for reasonable price and [...]


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