A snowing day of the end January in 2020, two customers from Zimbabwe came to our factory to see the feed pellet production line which they planed to purchase. After previous four months’ communication about the machinery description, quotation and so on, customer were very interested in our feed processing equipment. Arrived at a day when it snowed most heavily in china, they were extremely excited at the first sight of snow in their life even through wearing the thin coat.

After sales brought the customers to the company, they saw the catalogue and asked for some big capacity feed pellet mill technical data for their future use. Then the sales explained information for the big feed pellet making line. The customer are satisfied and began to see the feed line they wanted to buy at the factory. Our sales introduced each machine details on the quotation sheet and showed the actual machine in the show room. Two parties talked about machine quality,maintenance,operation,etc. Finally, they decided to place the order and paid 10,000USD cash as the deposit for 1T/H chicken feed pellet production line with about a month production time.

feed production line

It was surprise that Coronavirus hit all over the world at February, all factories and companies were forced to delay working. We could not deliver the feed machines on time, immediately sales contacted the customer and stated the current situation and got the customer’s understanding. It was good news that our factory regained to work at the early of March, the goods were completed in April but Zimbabwe situation were worse, customer informed of us that banks were closed at that time and needed to wait. Eventually, the goods balance were paid at the end of September and shipped to Zimbabwe.

In this particular period, it is a significant order cooperation that people still can trust,understand each other and are willing to undertake their obligations.Hope the goods will reach the customer’s factory fast and Coronavirus will end and every one will go back to their normal life and working soon!